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The Team

Eager for snow-free winters, brother and sister team, Brandon and Kaleena Morrison moved (on separate occasions) from Bedford, Nova Scotia to Vancouver, British Columbia. It is here, amidst the rain, which they honestly don’t mind, that they founded United & Free in 2015. This natural skin care company is their commitment to provide quality skin, hair and body care products for young men and women. Brandon and Kaleena promise to produce more than just products that are beneficial to our health, skin and environment. They vow to build a company that exemplifies a culture of people willing to get amongst it - whatever it may be - in the pursuit of true freedom.

Above all, Brandon and Kaleena have a passion and drive that permeates throughout their work, and the life they’ve created as West Coast transplants. Did we mention the two grew up helping their parents run the Morrison family business -- manufacturing and selling gourmet natural and organic ice cream across the East Coast of Canada? Needless to say, they are no strangers to the scoop, scope and spirit it takes to be successful entrepreneurs.

The Sister

Title: Co-founder of United & Free
Animal you resonate with: Owl
Something you eat everyday: Hot sauce
Favourite drink: Grapefruit San Pellegrino

Responsible for sales and business development, Kaleena’s endless curiosity for human connection is what inspires and motivates her to build deep-rooted and meaningful relationships with her clients.


The Brother

Title: Co-founder of United & Free
Animal you resonate with: Bear
Something you eat everyday: Avocado
Favourite drink: Lemonade

With a background in food manufacturing, sales and philosophy, Brandon brings a deep, thoughtful dynamic to the team. His vision for United & Free is to build products and a brand that help people to realize the best version of themselves.

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